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New Generation Investing – strategies for an uncertain world

Date and time: September 19, 2018 , 8:30am

Organised by: Chadwicks

Venue: The Enterprise Centre, University of East Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ

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Cost: There is no charge for the Masterclass but you may like to consider a donation of £20 to Ormiston Families MPower project to support parents who have had a child taken into care.

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Join us for an informative presentation and lively discussion as we share the insight that underpins our investment process.

Investing against a background of persistently low interest rates presents new challenges, especially for people looking for long-term income. We start this session by reviewing investment theory to get a core understanding of how markets operate. We consider the role of diversification in managing portfolio risk and the impact of investor psychology on portfolio returns. We wrap up this section by considering persistent anomalies that appear to contradict the theory.

The session concludes with a discussion around future investment direction, drawing on our research into long-term socio-economic trends such as the rise of robotics; the changing nature of work; the effects of an aging population and the continuing demand for scarce resources and their implication for long-term investing.

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