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“Help to Grow” returns in 2024 with 4 places sponsored by figNorwich

Norwich Business School's management course for local SME's "Help to Grow" is set to return with their next cohort in 2024 and figNorwich is to sponsor 4 places for eligible members, so they can participate at zero cost.

After it’s ongoing success in 2023 Norwich Business School (NBS) will continue to run its “Help to Grow” management course again in March 2024. Rolled out locally and having already benefitted several several of our members, the course is for participants working within high growth small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), employing between 5 and 249 employees, locally. 1700 teaching hours have already been successfully delivered, as well as 500 mentored and 400 peer-to-peer support hours.

In total figNorwich has committed to sponsoring 10 places on the course, 6 of which have already been taken.


“The Help to Grow programme was excellent and for me, having a mentor was the game-changer. It’s very difficult and inefficient to try and reinvent the wheel all by yourself ! I’d recommend the programme to anyone looking to push themselves beyond what they already know.”

Alex Tosh founder and MD of Creative sponge



figNorwich Chair; Steve Davidson commented:

“I strongly believe this remains an exciting opportunity for individuals in figNorwich member firms to participate in.

The figNorwich board remain committed to supporting and growing the financial and professional services cluster in Norwich and continue to collaborate closely with both NBS and UEA. I am delighted, therefore, to advise you that there are 4  figNorwich sponsored places left on the management course being run in March 2024. This means that the course will have zero cost for individuals from figNorwich members in eligible firms who express an interest in applying for a place.

Finally, I am clear that a strong and growing financial and professional services cluster in Norwich is incredibly important for the future of the region. I encourage you, therefore, to think about expressing an interest yourself or to recommend others in your network to participate in this opportunity.”


About the programme:
The Help to Grow: Management course delivered by NBS is an applied course supporting managers and leaders to learn new skills and build their capabilities in leadership, helping to boost profits and improve business performance. It has been designed to fit alongside full-time work commitments and will be delivered mostly via online classes, some face-to-face sessions and one-to-one support from a business mentor. The 12-week programme is accredited by the Small Business Charter.

The course fees are £7,500. It is 90% funded from HM Government, the remainder of 10% (£750) is normally payable upfront by participants but this is the fee that figNorwich will sponsor on behalf of successful applicants from the financial and professional services cluster. Under the rules of the scheme, SMEs with 10+ employees may apply for 2 places.

Next cohort dates:
Registration for next Help to Grow Management programme is now live and starts on the 4th of March and concludes on the 22nd of May 2024.

More information:
Please see the course brochure detailing the syllabus, structure and logistics of the course.  For some first hand accounts from past participants, see our short video.

If you require any further information or have any questions on the course, please email whereby, the designated Business Development Manager for the course, Liz Davis-Smith will be available to answer any questions you might have surrounding booking and logistics.


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