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Video – Understanding the importance of cyber security training

Cyber training is a powerful tool available to all organisations - and an incredibly important investment to consider as the scale of cyber threats continues to grow.

When building cyber security defences it’s important to ensure that one of your greatest protective assets, your people, are invested in and able to do everything possible to protect valuable data, information and systems from the wide range of threats posed by cyber criminals.  Unfortunately no organisation is safe from these threats, no matter what size your operation is, or the industry you are in, cyber criminals will be seeking ways to get in to your systems and cause damage.  We see so often that this route in is via staff.

We’ve put this video together to explain the range of things that can happen in any organisation, all of which can lead to the need for cyber training. Staff at all levels will benefit, and we see first hand just how much of an impact training has.  We don’t want to spoil it for you…so why not take a couple of minutes out to have a watch, and if you like it make sure you share it with your colleagues and contacts!

Don’t just take our word for it though…there are lots of stats out there about how organisations need to invest more in staff training, the latest Cyber Security Breaches Survey highlights how little training is taking place – if you want to better protect your organisation talk to us today.

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