JMS Group Ltd

We are a full-service production agency, creating TV and Radio commercials and online video content for use across all social media and website platforms.

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About JMS Group Ltd

We handle the entire process from concept and scriptwriting to casting, filming, editing, motion graphics, grading, soundtracks, legal clearances and delivery to any number of platforms/broadcasters. We have over 40 years experience and our team of experts work with companies ranging from very small SME’s through to international businesses with thousands of employees. We can create content for any number of purposes including advertising, product launches, product and service explainers, recruitment and employee onboarding.

Business sectors: 

Accountancy & Tax, Angel Investors, Asset Finance, Audit, Banking, Business Outsourcing, Chartered Accountants, Consultancy, Data analyst, Financial Planning, Financial Services Training, Fintech, Higher Education & Further Education, Independent Financial Advisors, Industry body, Insolvency Practitioners, Insurance brokers, Insurance services, Investment Managers, Law Firm, Loans and lending, Local government, Media, Membership Organisation, Membership Organisation, Mortgage Advisors, Other, Stockbrokers, Wealth Management

JMS Group Ltd

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Why Norwich?

Norwich is a £10 billion economy with 24,000 businesses and nearly 160,000 jobs of which 11,610 are in financial and related professional services. It benefits from proximity to hubs of financial and business activity in London, Cambridge and Ipswich.

Over 200 years in the making, Norwich is recognised as a centre of excellence in insurance, financial and professional services. Norwich is one of the largest general insurance markets in Europe with the 2nd highest concentration of insurance jobs in the UK (ONS, 2016). In addition to attractive career opportunities, it offers outstanding quality of life, and the benefits of living in a vibrant, affordable, culturally advanced and accessible city.

Norwich is the home of important businesses and brands in financial services and insurance that are taking advantage of the unique ‘value’ on offer.

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