We use our knowledge and experience of organisational psychology, coaching, training and HR/People to enable business leaders to positively align their people behind their business goals. We understand FS very well, but tailor to each organisation.

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About OPCoach UK

OPCoach UK Ltd specialises in helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) enhance employee engagement and team performance. Combining extensive HR experience with organisational psychology principles, they offer services like individual coaching, leadership team building, and stress reduction programs. They use tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and CliftonStrengths to tailor their approach to each organisation’s unique culture. Founded by Heather and Jenefer, the company leverages their background in professional services to implement high standards in less formal business settings.

OPCoach UK Limited

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Why Norwich?

Norwich is a £10 billion economy with 24,000 businesses and nearly 160,000 jobs of which 11,610 are in financial and related professional services. It benefits from proximity to hubs of financial and business activity in London, Cambridge and Ipswich.

Over 200 years in the making, Norwich is recognised as a centre of excellence in insurance, financial and professional services. Norwich is one of the largest general insurance markets in Europe with the 2nd highest concentration of insurance jobs in the UK (ONS, 2016). In addition to attractive career opportunities, it offers outstanding quality of life, and the benefits of living in a vibrant, affordable, culturally advanced and accessible city.

Norwich is the home of important businesses and brands in financial services and insurance that are taking advantage of the unique ‘value’ on offer.

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