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Tiger Eye make digital transformation simple. Experts in Work Product Management, Tiger Eye offer AI, cloud solutions and data protection, as well as email management, security and training, taking the stress out of working – online and offline.

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About Tiger Eye Consulting

Have you ever sent the right email to the wrong person? 

Accidents happen. We are here to help.

We offer a range of solutions to suit your needs – from ensuring your inbox is secure, to making sure that your documents are where they need to be.

With years of experience implementing successful systems for the legal and professional services market, we are renowned for our excellent customer service and support. Specialists in Email, Content and Document Management, we enhance business processes by making sure your work product is GDPR safe, cyber secure and ready to be used.

We work with a diverse range of businesses to protect their data, providing award-winning products to ensure that your technology works for you. Minimising time-waste, your employees can more easily access files, organise their content and manage their workplace products. With a wealth of proficiency and knowledge, we are renowned for our superior implementations and high-calibre technical training, using our unparalleled industry expertise to design bespoke systems, tailored to the people behind your business.

We also partner with a range of providers to ensure that you get the most out of your investment in technology.



Most data breaches happen accidentally in your employee’s inboxes, either by sending an email to the wrong recipient or clicking on a link that isn’t secure. Tessian’s machine intelligence performs a real-time, automatic analysis of inbound and outbound emails to keep your enterprise safe without the need for any admin overhead or pre-defined rules and policies. With protection during every step of the email process, Tessian Defender automatically protects your business from spear phishing, using machine intelligence to restrict attacks from impersonation and prevent sensitive information being sent to the wrong email.


Organisations need a strategy to protect their emails that is easy to manage, low cost and effective. Mimecast doesn’t just work for you, it works with you. Preventing cyber-attacks beforehand, minimising disruptions during an outbreak and recovering emails after the threat has been managed, Mimecast protects the end user, no matter what. Combining internally-developed and third‐party detective analytics with multiple internal and external threat intelligence sources, Mimecast offers ongoing threat analysis, inline user education and an experience online that is safer overall – for you and your customers.


iManage transforms how professionals get work done. Combining the power of artificial intelligence with market leading document and email management, iManage solutions are used by professionals in the Accounting, Corporate Legal, Real Estate and Financial Services. Helping organisations work smarter by exposing AI capabilities, iManage RAVN allows you to grasp powerful information, get more out of your data and add value across your entire enterprise. iManage tools are designed by users, to work the way they work.




We believe that small teams deliver better results. That’s why we work directly with you to develop a custom, unique product that works for you and your business. Established in 2005, our team members have years of experience working with a range of professional organisations, from law firms to real estate lawyers and accountants to commercial property consultants. Our adaptable approach means that we can support your tech challenges, whatever your sector. 

Tiger Eye Consulting

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Norwich is a £10 billion economy with 24,000 businesses and nearly 160,000 jobs of which 11,610 are in financial and related professional services. It benefits from proximity to hubs of financial and business activity in London, Cambridge and Ipswich.

Over 200 years in the making, Norwich is recognised as a centre of excellence in insurance, financial and professional services. Norwich is one of the largest general insurance markets in Europe with the 2nd highest concentration of insurance jobs in the UK (ONS, 2016). In addition to attractive career opportunities, it offers outstanding quality of life, and the benefits of living in a vibrant, affordable, culturally advanced and accessible city.

Norwich is the home of important businesses and brands in financial services and insurance that are taking advantage of the unique ‘value’ on offer.

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