Join the Norwich Fintech Hackathon 8th & 9th March!

Why a Fintech Hackathon?

Fintech is one of the fastest growing and most disruptive sectors in the global economy, transforming the way we access, manage, and use financial services. Fintech offers tremendous opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and inclusion, but also poses significant challenges and risks for consumers, businesses, and regulators.

The Hackathon aims to forge new links within the Fintech community in Norwich and Norfolk and showcase the region’s potential as a Fintech hub! We want to:

  •  Provide a platform for Fintech enthusiasts, professionals, students, and entrepreneurs to network, learn, and collaborate.
  • Generate innovative and viable solutions for real-life business problems faced inspired by problem statements from the members of the Financial Industry Group (FIG)

Who will be involved?

The Fintech Hackathon is open to anyone who is interested in Fintech and has the skills, knowledge, and motivation to participate.
The participants will form diverse and multidisciplinary teams, with different roles such as developers, designers, analysts, marketers, and project managers. The teams will work on an exciting, real-world Challenge, and develop and pitch their solutions to a panel of judges and mentors in a dedicated Final Celebration event at Aviva Norwich.

How do I get involved?

Register your interest here: Hackathon Norwich March 2024 (
Or email:

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